Our Secret

Oops… we don’t actually have a mission statement. We just have a mission. To build a program for  our customers that is so successful, so profitable, that we become an indispensable partner. How do we do that?


Fresh Sausage Specialists is all about focus. Focus on a single tight category. We do fresh sausage. We do not pretend to be able to do anything else. Most companies spread their resources from hams to hotdogs, and everything in between. They have their own brand, and they do private label. We will say it right here. There are things we can’t do for you. But if you  need a supplier of premium quality fresh sausage, we do that really, really well.


We promise absolute commitment to your brand. How can you be sure? We do not even have a brand of our own to compete with yours. Many producers, including the national and regional brand companies, dabble in store brand product. They may, at times, even offer attractive pricing on that product. Tempting? Maybe, until you ask yourself what motivates them? How hard will they work to sell more of your label, at the expense of their own? We have no such conflict. Choose us as a supplier, and we will help build your brand into a strong force in the category. Our results will challenge the branded suppliers to respond. Maybe they have to offer better pricing to keep from losing share. The entire category will grow in volume and profitability. Both you and your customers win!

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