History of Success

Our Company was founded in 1930 by Martin Edelmann, the grandfather of the current owner. That makes us 3rdgeneration and over 80 years old. Why does that matter to you? Most companies do not survive, much less prosper, into a 3rd generation. For those that do, it’s evidence that they are doing things right.

Prove It!

Anybody can claim superiority over their competition. To hear them tell it, you’d be crazy to buy anything else. We say, “Talk is cheap”. We have a track record that speaks for us. No need to make claims that we can’t back up. We do business from coast to coast. 15 plus years of strong growth. The sole supplier in our category to the leading supermarket chain in the United States. 5 times they have rewarded us with Outstanding Supplier of the year honors. Why? It’s not just about providing outstanding product. It’s also about outstanding service and an unwavering eye on the needs of the customer.

We prove it to our customers every day. Let us prove it to you.

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