Advantages of our Products

If you want just about anything made out of 100% pre-rigor sow meat, we can do it. Why pre-rigor sow meat? Appearance, shelf life, taste, texture, that’s why. Pre-rigor sow meat has advantages in all these areas over conventional trimmings or boneless picnics

Let's Get Started

Let’s say that you’ve decided it’s time to add a new product, or products. Just how does that work? Any way you need it to. We can build something for you from scratch. We will create a seasoning profile to meet your needs, and you can specify tray size and color, package weight, case pack, and label design. Or, you can ask us what we think would work best, based on our experience. Either way, we will produce samples of finished products and ship to you for your input and approval. On top of that, the speed with which we can do all of this will surprise you.

Natural casing dinner sausage, patties, breakfast links, bulk ground product, we can do it all.

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